Age: 16
HEIGHT: 5.2 feet
WEIGHT: 97 pounds
LIKES: Anime, Manga, video games
DISLIKES: His powers and leaving his comfort zone
STRUGGLES: socializing, writing, and eating right
BELIEFS: Try harder for them. Even if it hurts.
ASSOCIATIONS: His friends Mura and Ronin

Murasaki or “Mura” for short

Age: 18… she thinks.
HEIGHT: 5’7 feet
WEIGHT: (I ain’t telling you!”)
LIKES: lots of things. animals, sweet, classic films, dancing, jogging, exercising, gymnastics, classic art, traveling, jazz, Broadway musicals, books, learning new things, Karasu, and her family (ones she finds them)
DISLIKES: ARCH, Bugs, and sometimes Ronin
STRUGGLES: too energetic and childish
BELIEFS: Keep the faith. and Do better then your best
ASSOCIATIONS: The greater good and her best friend Karasu

Ronin (That’s what he calls himself anyway)

Age: early 20’s
HEIGHT: 5’11 feet
WEIGHT: 165 Pounds (without his metal arms)
LIKES: Hard rock
STRUGGLES: “Too many”
BELIEFS: We’re all s#$t, including me, and especially you. and Better mad then sad.
ASSOCIATIONS: “I fight for no man. These two are just on the same path as me.”


Age: Forever.
LIKES: Order and Obedience
STRUGGLES: ARCH is perfect
BELIEFS: Forever ARCH Triumphs Everyone
LOCATION: Classified